Massacre In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia during Japanese occupation

During the Second World War, after Germany, Italy and Japan formed an alliance, Japan launched the Pacific war.

On 8 Dec 1941, Japan invaded Malayan Peninsula of Malaysia and eventually occupied it. For the following 3 years and 8 months, people of Malaya lived under the savagery and brutality of Japanese conqueror. They loot, burn, rape, torture and massacre the people through out the whole of Malayan peninsula.

In the state of Negeri Sembilan alone, the number of Chinese massacred is estimated at least 4,000 persons mainly unarmed innocence working men, women and children.

The single largest massacre took place in Titi within the district of Jelebu, at southern part of Negeri Sembilan, upon which as many as 1,474 were killed in one afternoon.

The second largest massacre took place in Parit Tinggi, Kuala Pilah district whereby at least 675 were killed, wiping out the whole village.

On 1 Jan 1983, the Chinese Assembly Hall of the State capital, Seremban, launched a research committee to collect the information on the atrocities committed by the invading Japanese army. The committee consists of lawyer, journalist and surviving victims.

The book I am going to introduce is the result of their effort ....


The Book

The Committee's word

Murder List

Japanese Army Invasion Map

Map of killing locations

Japanese army officers (photo)

Titi Massacre  (Jelulung) - photo ()

Parit Tinggi Massacre  - photo ()

Photo Gallery - Parit Tinggi massacred victim's remain unearthed  ()

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Sungei_ Lui_Massacre   

Senaling Massacre  

Area Map of Kuala Pilah   瓜 拉 庇 劳 地图

Parit Tinggi - 60 years later - Site visit ( photos  

Survivor and Victim's Account of their Experience ()

    Yang Zhen Hwa  : Compensation and apology will end a atrocious chapter of the history.

                                     The death can never be brought back alive but compensation to genuine victim is the least

                             Japan could do to put their mind to rest, else the issue will be raised over and over again


     Soon Jian Chen  : You can't kill thousands of people then just say sorry and forget about it .......

Photo of  Commemorative Monuments (图)

A visit to Parit Tinggi massacred victim's Monument in Year 2004  ()

Why I make this web

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Japanese Devils ( Riben_guizi ) may be the first time that war criminals have so freely described what they did .... These men are doing this because they now realize they were wrong, and they do not want anyone to forget it happened, so that hopefully it will not happen again.

Reader's contribution

* Dr Shue Tuck Wong, who is now a retired professor of geography at Simon Fraser      University in British Columbia, Canada, was born in Seremban and educated in the Anglo Chinese School. He was eight years old when the Japanese Imperial Army invaded Malaya and Singapore in 1942. After reading stories in, he decided to write an article on "Massacre of the Chinese in Singapore and Malaya during the Japanese Occupation". For details of the article, see Dr Shue Tuck Wong, "Massacre of the Chinese in Singapore and Malaya during the Japanese Occupation," Asian Profile, Vol. 41, No. 6 (December 2013), pp.509-532.For those who do not have access to Asian Profile, here is the abstract of the article. Click here

  *  Three years and eight month under Japanese occupation   ( Chinese version )  


  *  Surviving ordeal of Siow Kuan Sang from Yu Long Long - Titi  ( Chinese version


  *  Survivor Chang Loy's 鄭來ordeal - Pedas Rembau district ( Chinese version only )



Chronicle of Japanese Invasion  



   March 4, 2024 is 82 years anniversary of Teh Estate, Pedas massacre

   March 16, 2024  is 82 years anniversary of Parit Tinggi massacre.

   March 18, 2024  is 82 years anniversary of Titi massacre

   July 31, 2024  is 82 years anniversary of Sungei Lui massacre

Memorial for those killed by the Japanese Imperial Army in Negeri Sembilan during the Japanese occupation.

The building of the Memorial was initiated by NS Chinese Assembly Hall and supported by other Chinese

Associations and Pedas victim's committee.

Built in 1999 at Sendayan's Chinese cemetery close to Mambau, Negeri Sembilan.

We shall not forget them !