Glossary  - A collection of terms used  during WWII

                              (the term may or may not be used in this web page )

Banana notes - Currency issued by Japanese and used in Malaya during the Occupation 

Banzai ! - Jubilant cheer for victory by IJA after gaining a war, meaning "May the Emperor live for 10,000 years"

Bayonet - An edged weapon mounted on the rifle for close combat. A Japanese Model 30 bayonet had a 15.5 inch blade, long enough to penetrate through a human body. Many innocent civilians were killed by bayonet to save bullets

Emperor Hirohito - Japan's Head of State and Supreme Commander of all the Armed Forces. The "Imperial Son of Heaven of Great Japan". Named as war criminal by China, Australia and New Zealand, he was granted immunity from trial. He died in 1989.

IJA  - Imperial Japanese Army, Emperor Hirohito's army.

INA - Indian National Army. An Indian army recruited by Japanese army from Indian POW of Malaya and Singapore. Most of them were unwilling "volunteers". It was formed in Feb 1942 to help Japan fighting the war.

Kempeitai - A special Japanese military police force which handle the anti-Japanese element and the communists. It also handle counter-espionage and intelligent operations

Malai  -  Malaya - As named by its Japanese invader

MCP  - Malayan Communist Party, one of Anti-Japanese underground resistance fighter

MPAJA - Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army. The main Anti-Japanese guerrilla movement after British surrender. It was created by the Chinese-dominated Malayan Communist Party (MCP) and backed by the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Union.

Sook Ching - Purification by elimination. An operation of terror by Japanese army to arrest, torture and kill anyone suspected of Anti-Japanese.  Prime target is Chinese population in Malaya and Singapore. 

Syonan-to  - Singapore Island - as named by its Japanese invader meaning "The Light of the South".


A Sudden Rampage - The Japanese Occupation of South East Asia  1941-1945

                                    By Nicholas Tarling  (Horizon Books)

Rehearsal For War - The Underground War Against the Japanese.

                                   By Ban Kah Choon and Yap Hong Kuan (Horizon Books)

Japanese Army Handbook 1939-1945    By George Forty   (Sutton Publishing)

A Time To Weep    By Chan King Nui    ( Academe Art & Printing Services Sdn Bhd )

Blood On The Golden Sand    By Lim Kean Siew    ( Pelanduk )


The Price Of Peace -  True Account of the Japanese Occupation

                                    Compiled & Edited by Foong Choon Hon - Translated by Clara Show  (Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry )


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