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The aim of this web is to inform about Japanese aggression and atrocities in Negeri Sembilan State based on the book by NS Chinese Assembly Hall. Many more innocent people were killed through out Malaysia. It is estimated to be more than 30,000 in the Malayan Peninsular. Regrettably, Negeri Sembilan is the only state which has a compiled record and published in a book.

Malacca - The forgotten Anti-Japanese Army Memorial

Sin Chew Daily  15 Oct 2006

 An Anti-Japanese army resistance hero's memorial out side Malacca town was left forgotten until a Japanese anti-war scholar discovered it this September. Thirteen anti- Japanese heroes were captured in Malacca town while having meeting on 5 Sep 1945 after Japanese surrendered. They were murdered at the same night. The memorial was erected in 15 Feb 1945.


Seremban - Sister raped and killed

Sin Chew Daily  23 May 2005

   Qiu Bao Yi (age 80) from Seremban said her elder sister was raped by Japanese soldier 11 days after given birth to her son. The soldiers cut away her breasts while she was alive and the baby was bayonet by throwing into air. Although years has passed, wife of the late Negeri Sembilan state counselor Lin Jing Zi is still deeply hurt. Qiu did not want to talk about this subject but changed her mind after knowing that the present Japanese government covering up the history by describing the invasion of Malaya as " Entering ". She contacted her cousin Qiu Jing Fu who is the initiator who published the book " NS Chinese sufferance during Japanese occupation", to reveal the truth.

Her sister Qiu Sui Liang had 2 other children aged 4 and 5. Before the Japanese army arrived, the Malay chief advised her sister-in-law to leave but it was ignored. Later all 72 Chinese in the village were killed, buried in two dens which were dug by the victims themselves earlier

 Gemas (NS) - The Spy among us

 Star  22 May 2005   by P.G.