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Gendercide Watch  - The Nanjing Massacre  1937-1938


The Other Holocaust :Nanjing Massacre,

Unit 731, Unit 100, Unit 516

Japanese War Crimes

The Pacific War Historical Society records here Japan's long history of denial of its ghastly war crimes.


The 1923 Kanto Massacre of Koreans in Japan

A Japanese Professor Reveals the Truth

Eighty years ago, on September 1, 1923, a large earthquake, the Kanto Quake, hit many parts of Japan including Tokyo.  During the week following the Quake, some 6,000 Koreans resident in Japan were murdered.

"The massacre of Koreans and Chinese in the aftermath of the Kanto Quake was the darkest chapter of Japan's modern history."  So said Prof. Matzuo Shoich (松尾章, 73), professor emeritus at the Hosei University

Japanese Treatment of Chinese Prisoners, 1931-1945

...........  According to my research, about four thousand Chinese, including females and children, were killed in the state of Negeri Sembilan alone, where the Chinese population at the time was about one hundred and twenty thousand. Some villages that were regarded as cooperating with the guerrillas were completely wiped out. ...........

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