The Committee's word

Japanese army occupied Malayan Peninsula for three years and eight months during which the invaders oppressed the innocence citizen by torturing, shooting, bayoneting, rape and kill, burn to kill - even force civilian into the sea then machine gunned.

The revolting atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Army can never be forgotten.

Within Negeri Sembilan State of Malaysia, tens of locations became killing field. Thousands of innocence Chinese men, women and children were killed. Some rural town reduced to complete rubble after Japanese Army's gruesome action to "Kill all, Rob all and Burn all". 

The bloody historical truth shall be recorded !

The Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall was formed in 1 Jan 1983. Prior to its formation, volunteers from Titi and Kuala Pilah organized to exhume the victim's body and erect cenotaph.

In 10 Aug 1984, Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall set-up the committee for information collection of Chinese victimized during Japanese occupation. It was formed in Kuala Pilah Chung Hua Old Pupils Association. Those present were representatives from Titi, Bahau and Kuala Pilah.

Also present were the surviving victims, their family and descendents.

The information collection was assisted by various social groups, especially the Chinese news media. It portray a true picture to the world for event occurred.

This committee has in various occasions appealed through newspaper seeking such truthful information.

Forty over years (note: 60 years by now) has gone by since the atrocities. Time has white wash some of the murder grounds, making death toll counting of victims even more difficult.

We thank those who contributed unselfishly  in this project so that the world will see the victims'  brutal death suffered under Japanese occupation.

Although this book is compiled with assistance from various personal, it is by no means complete. We welcome all to contribute further information so that it could be updated in the next edition.

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