Jelebu district  - Titi   

    Madam Xiao Zhao Di's account

    "Japanese devil bayoneting at me, my mother blocked with her body ... "

     Madam Xiao Zhao Di said she is able to live until today she owed it to her beloved mother! During the massacre, her mother shown the greatness of motherly love. She was just 8 years old, when the Japanese demon launches his bayonet at her, her mother blocked it with her own body. The bayonet pierce into her body !

She rolled up her trouser and pointed to her left leg and said " The bayonet pierce me once, luckily it was not very deep else I will not be here talking ...".

"On 18 March 1942, I was just 8 years old but I can never forget the bloody event, never..."

With sadness, she said "My parent, four other sisters, grandma and aunty, all 8 of them were killed on that day". My father is Xiao Jing Shun and mother Huang Rong. Her sisters were young, their life were short lived. 

Six o'clock in the afternoon on that day, we were told to gather in the school, then our whole family were separated and forced into someone else's house. I was with my mother, the rest went to neighboring houses. Inside the house, we were told to squat down with Japanese soldiers standing behind us. Another soldier gave signal by saying something like "Co-Los", the bayonets launches at us from the back.

"My left leg pierced by bayonet I screamed "

My left leg wounded, I screamed. But mother felt excruciating pain that I got hurt. She held me tight, she took the stabbing of the bayonet, one after another. Blood flowed from her body, I was very frightened. With weaken voice, mother told me not to move and not to cry  ...

Everyone from our group laid in pool of blood, they were killed like duck and chicken. Blood flowing out from their pierced wound. I laid there surrounded with dead bodies.

Blood, darkness and corpses... I did not know what to do. Luckily, an aunty with minor wound ask me to be silent and brought me to a bush and hide there. From there we saw the fire burn down Jelulung. Our body soaked with rain until the next morning.

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